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The Greenwich Executive Group offers an expertise in Latin America focused positions. With an office in Miami, FL, the Latin American Region has been an area of particular focus.


Geographic Scope: We have placed professionals in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico; and professionals in the US who offer Spanish and/or Portuguese language skills.


Industries: In the LATAM region, we have worked with a variety of industries, including financial services, health care, insurance & wealth management. 

Karen Anderson, President, a native Spanish speaker and member of the Hispanic National Bar Association,  focuses on recruiting executive level Legal, Compliance & Regulatory professionals on behalf of US and non-US based companies with offices in Latin America. Karen has also placed numerous Spanish and Portuguese speakers in the US with law firms and in-house and compliance departments.

Examples of placements include:

  • Mexico: SVP, Compliance Executive with a global financial services company. This Executive oversees all compliance functions for Latin America, ensuring that policies & proceduries and best practices conform to local regulatory requirements for each country. 

  • Mexico: VP, Government Affairs Counsel with a global financial services company. This Executive oversees government relations and regualtory issues for several Latin American countries.

  • Brazil: VP, Compliance Attorney with a global financial services company. This Executive oversees the development and implementation of policies & procedures and ensures conformity with the US and UK couterparts.

  • US: VP, Labor Attorney with a global media company. This Executive supports this company's Spanish speaking organization and provides advice regarding contract negotiations, NLRB matters and collective bargaining agreements for US and Puerto Rico facilities.

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